Amsterdam, 27 September 2000

The Van Gogh Museum goes virtual at

As of today, it is possible to take a virtual walk through the most visited exhibition areas of the Van Gogh Museum and examine 70 paintings by Vincent van Gogh. By clicking on the works of art, visitors can zoom in on the images right down to a single brushstroke and receive background information about the painting in question, the period, or Van Gogh himself. Another unique feature is the possibility of exploring the museum with others and entering into a virtual conversation with them via a ‘chatbox'. Through an ingenious technical system visitors can wander around The Yellow House in Arles and enter The bedroom by Van Gogh. New insights into certain details of Van Gogh's life and work are available via special information buttons in both paintings. By expanding the website with a virtual guided tour, the Van Gogh Museum aims to make its collection even more accessible globally.

Downloading the 3D-programme
The instructions for downloading the 3D-programme are given in the website. The time it takes to download it depends on the type of computer used and the speed of the internet connection.

In order to visit the museum virtually, your computer must meet the following requirements:
· Pentium® II 233 Mhz
· 64 MB internal memory
· 100 MB free hard disk space
· Microsoft Windows 95 or later
· Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape Navigator 4.0

The 3D-effects were developed by Oz Interactive Inc. in Reykjavik. The website was built in collaboration with the American firm Intel.

For additional information, please contact the Press Department of the Van Gogh Museum (31) 20-570 52 91 or e-mail to

A special website has been designed specially for the Light! exhibition (20 October to 11 February 2001): As of 20 October the new version of the Light! site (in Dutch and English) can be seen with an extensive selection of illustrations of the works on view, a time line categorised according to various light sources in the course of history, and a few on-line light experiments. The Light! site was designed and built by the Amsterdam-based TBWAe-Company.
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