Moorland at Laren, 1887

Anton Mauve (1838-1888)

  • Watercolour, 52.5 x 81.5 cm
  • Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Anton Mauve was one of the most important representatives of the Hague School. He painted this watercolour near Laren, where he had lived since 1885. The choice of subject, a very ordinary, typically Dutch slice of nature, and the emphasis on ‘mood’ in the landscape, are characteristics of the Hague School.
Mauve’s paintings of flocks of sheep were popular during his lifetime, particularly with American collectors. The price depended on whether the picture featured ‘sheep coming’ or the slightly cheaper ‘sheep going’, as in this work.
Mauve was married to Van Gogh’s cousin Jet Carbentus. In the winter of 1881-1882 Van Gogh took lessons in drawing and watercolouring with Mauve.

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