Concept and interactive design
Lost Boys, Amsterdam

Graphic design
Redesign (May 2011): Koeweiden Postma

Technical implementation, application development, hosting and usability consulting
Akris BV, Amsterdam
Redesign (May 2011): André van Toly

Content Management System
Akris Web Content Management, based on MMBase

Voices in Van Gogh: an overview
Dutch: Gus Maussen, recorded at Desmet Studios, Amsterdam
English: Andrew Morton, with thanks to Antenna Audio, London

Online tickets
Basic Orange, Amsterdam

Communication department, Van Gogh Museum

Final editing
Edith Schreurs, Consultant Online Media, Van Gogh Museum (from september 2006)

The Van Gogh Museum launched this entirely redesigned website in May 2011. The content of the website is based in large part on an earlier version (which went online in March 1999) and other existing texts and images. Only the individuals and organisations that contributed to the website launch in 2006 and redesign launch in May 2011 are credited above.


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