'Vincent' by Barbara Stok

Vincent by Barbara Stok

Barbara Stok
144 pages
Dutch, English,
softcover, € 15
Publisher: Nijgh & Van Ditmar i.a.w. Van Gogh Museum, 2012
ISBN 978 90 388 9631 1

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The turbulent life of Vincent van Gogh continues to serve as a source of inspiration for many people. In this graphic novel, artist and writer Barbara Stok takes the reader on a journey to the brief and intense period of time that the painter spent in the south of France.

Vincent dreams of setting up an artists’ house in Arles for himself and his friends. However, his attacks of mental illness confuse and disorient him, culminating in the notorious incident with his ear and leaving his dreams shattered. Throughout all of this, Vincent’s brother Theo stands by him, offering constant and unconditional support.

Relevant story
Van Gogh was passionate about his art. His ideas about success, setbacks and how to create a meaningful life provide an interesting counterpoint to our age of individualism and commercialism. Stok has succeeded in turning the experiences of this 19th-century artist into a story that is relevant to our own times.

Barbara Stok (1970) has become well known for her candid autobiographical graphic novels. In 2009, she was awarded the Stripschapprijs for her oeuvre, one of the most prestigious prizes for comic books in the Netherlands. In addition to her work for newspapers and magazines, she has eight books to her name.

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