Who is Henk Schut?

Henk SchutHenk Schut (1957) is a multidisciplinary artist, director, and designer. The multi-faceted nature of his work gives him the opportunity to move from one art form to another and to devise new combinations. One of the distinctive features of his work is its use of, and strong connection to, location.
He was the artistic director of Dogtroep theatre collective (2004−2008), has directed major international operatic productions, and designed installations for companies ranging from the Royal Opera House in London to the Bayerische Staats Opera in Munich.

In 1992 he received a nomination for the Laurence Olivier Award for his design of Inscape (Royal Opera House, Covent Garden) and the modern opera The Dancer Hotoke. In 1996 he received the Barclays New Stages Award for Vesalius, a Requiem.

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