The 'Red Line'

The most spectacular feature in the Van Gogh Mile is a ‘Red Line’. Running five metres above the ground, this forms a literal connection between Museumplein and the River Amstel, the two cultural hearts of Amsterdam. Just as Van Gogh viewed reality for his paintings through a perspective grid, so the ‘Red Line’ directs where you look as you walk the Van Gogh Mile.

Passing on inspiration
Schut also sees the 'Red Line' as a way of passing on inspiration from one artist to another. He will therefore be approaching contemporary artists and asking them to respond to specially selected passages from Van Gogh’s letters. In this way, Schut will be extending the red line of inspiration. In their turn, the walking public can respond to these fragments using the social media, for instance by sharing them with their friends on Facebook. Schut will carry on approaching artists throughout the project period.

Red Line in amsterdam (Photo: Martijn van den Dobbelsteen)

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