Van Gogh Museum acquires Hermann-Paul poster for Salon des Cent

2 August 2012

Hermann-Paul (1864-1940), poster for Salon des Cent, 1895, Van Gogh Museum AmsterdamThe Van Gogh Museum has purchased a poster from 1895 made by Hermann-Paul (1864-1940) for the Paris gallery Salon des Cent. It is regarded as one of the best posters produced for this gallery.

The Van Gogh Museum owns a major collection of prints dating from the period 1890–1905, including several other posters for the Salon des Cent. The new acquisition is a valuable addition to this collection. It will be on view until 15 September 2012 in the exhibition Beauty in abundance: Highlights from the print collection of the Van Gogh Museum.

Salon des Cent
The gallery Salon des Cent was founded in 1894 by Léon Deschamps, who published the progressive journal La Plume. It held an astonishing 43 exhibitions in the final years of the century, with work by the most innovative artists of the day, such as Henri Gabriel Ibels and Eugène Grasset. The posters made to advertise them were always produced by one of the exhibiting artists and were of a very high artistic quality. They were themselves sold as works of art.

Hermann-Paul became a successful illustrator for newspapers and periodicals as a young man. He moved in the same avant-garde circles as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Pierre Bonnard, and Félix Vallotton. In 1891 he started developing his skill in lithography. The poster for the Salon des Cent is a superb example of his remarkable talent in this field.

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