New: Van Gogh Studies 4 - Van Gogh: New Findings

Van Gogh : New Findings

Van Gogh Studies4

Guest editor: Louis van Tilborgh
Editor-in-Chief: Chris Stolwijk
208 pagina's, 108 illustrations
hardcover, € 45
Wbooks, Zwolle/Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, 2012
ISBN 978 90 400 0714 9
Part 4 of the Van Gogh Studies series

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This fourth volume of Van Gogh Studies demonstrates that there are still discoveries to be made about Van Gogh and his art.

A formerly unknown Van Gogh letter is revealed, as well as surprising news about the apartment that he and Theo van Gogh shared in Paris. A flower still life in the Kröller-Müller Museum, of which the authenticity was doubted, has been subjected to new, rigorous investigation that confirms the attribution and even unveils a second, long ‘lost’ Van Gogh painting underneath. By contrast, it seems that the works of art in the collection of Adrianus Marijnissen, which were ascribed to Van Gogh, can now be traced  back to the amateur artist Willemina Vincent. In a new interpretation of Van Gogh’s Tree roots (1890) it is argued that it must be one of his last works, if not the very last one. Finally a contemplative essay about Van Gogh as a thinker and writer sets out the artist’s credentials for a position within nineteenth-century Dutch literature.

Alongside the ‘New Findings’ in the Van Gogh research, articles about Paul Gauguin’s Breton girl spinning (1889), the contrasting world-views within French Realism, Alfred Roll’s La grève de mineurs (1880), and an essay on the American artist Eanger Irving Couse, whose photographs and paintings document the lives of Native Americans, place the Van Gogh findings in a broad nineteenth-century context.

Louis van Tilborgh, Senior Researcher at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, is Guest editor of this thought-provoking issue of Van Gogh Studies.

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