Printmaking in Paris

Printmaking in Paris

Fleur Roos Rosa de Carvalho, Marije Vellekoop
184 pages, 164 illustrations
Dutch, English,
paperback, € 24.95
Van Gogh Museum, 2012
ISBN 978 90 7931 029 6

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In the years between 1890 and 1905, Paris was seized by a rage for prints. Before this, prints had served reproductive or political ends, but now artistic quality became more important and printmaking blossomed into an autonomous art form. Almost every modern French artist experimented with the lithograph, etching or woodcut as a means of artistic expression, and this gave rise to splendid and often colourful works of art.

Small editions
Many of the lithographs produced at this time were published in small editions intended for art lovers and collectors, but their popularity was not confined to this group. The prints designed by Bonnard, Gauguin, Ibels, Steinlen, Toulouse-Lautrec and Vuillard were seen and admired all over Paris in the form of illustrated theatre programmes, sheet music, magazines, books and, of course, street posters.

The height of fashion
The Van Gogh Museum holds more than 1,300 prints showing the art of printmaking in its heyday, when print-collecting was the height of fashion. This lavishly illustrated book provides the first overview of the collection's many highlights.

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