Colouring pages

The bedroom
In Arles, Vincent made a painting of his bedroom in the small yellow house where he lived. On the right hand side of the room stood a big yellow bed, and many of Vincent’s paintings adorned the walls.
Colouring page bedroom in Arles
Colouring page bedroom in Arles (pdf)

Do you want to see the real painting ? Then take a look at The bedroom in the permanent collection pages.

Do you want to see what Vincent’s whole house looked like? Then take a look at The yellow house painting.
Vincent’s bedroom was on the upper floor of the small yellow house with green shutters. You can easily spot it in the painting of The yellow house: Vincent’s room was the room on the left, where one of the shutters is closed and the other one is open.

The Roulin family
In Arles, Vincent befriended a postman called Joseph Roulin. He painted Joseph’s portrait many times, as well as those of Joseph’s wife Augustine and their children Armand, Camille and Marcelle. You can find the whole Roulin family on the colouring page below. Colour the line drawings, cut them out and use them to create your own diorama!

Colouring page Roulin family

Colouring page Roulin family (pdf)

The Roulin family at the Van Gogh Museum
The Van Gogh Museum has two portraits of Roulin family members in its collection:
Camille Roulin and Marcelle Roulin.

What do you need to make the diorama? 
- The colouring page of the Roulin family
- A shoe box or similar sized box
- Paints and brushes
- Kite paper, or other paper that is translucent
- Drawing paper
- Coloured paper
- Old magazines
- Pencils and/or markers in different colours
- Scissors
- Glue

How is it made?
Carefully make a hole in the lid of the shoe box, then paste a piece of kite paper on the inside of the lid. Carefully make a hole in the front end of the shoe box: this will be the peephole of your diorama. Paint the outside of the box or paste on coloured pieces of paper. You can also paste on pictures you cut out of old magazines.
Draw or paint a background to create the interior inside your box. Here you can also paste on cut out pictures. Don’t forget to decorate the inside bottom of the box as well!
After you have coloured the colouring page, carefully cut out the paper figures. Fold back the bottom edges and paste the figures in the shoe box.

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