Vincent or Theo? Thanks for your responses – more than 1,300!

Vincent or Theo? During the exhibition Van Gogh in Antwerp and Paris we asked if you agreed with our research team. Our researchers believe that one of Vincent van Gogh's supposed self-portraits actually shows his brother Theo.
You responded in huge numbers on our blog Vincent or Theo. Most of you agreed.

Inspired and well-reasoned
Your responses were often inspired and well-reasoned. Many of you had gone back to the paintings for a closer look, and you pointed out details like the ears, noses, lips, intense gazes, ties, and jackets. Some of you felt that Theo was more handsome than Vincent. And one of you even cast a vote for two portraits of Theo.

Surprise packages 'Vincent or Theo?'Prize winners
Thank you for all your entertaining, intriguing, and serious contributions. In view of the large number of entries, we have chosen two winners and are also giving out 10 consolation prizes: the new graphic novel about Vincent van Gogh.

The winners are Ewa Socha, who contributed a beautiful poem, and Rupert Beswarick-Asser, who continued his research even after returning home. Congratulations! Your surprise packages are on their way.

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