All of Vincent van Gogh’s letters to be translated into Chinese

Chinese translation of Van Gogh’s letters due for publication in 2013.

1 September 2011

At 1 September 2011 Wang Lixiang, president of the Shanghai Fine Arts Publishing House and Axel Rüger, director of the Van Gogh Museum, signed the contract for the Chinese translation of the more than 900 letters by and to Vincent van Gogh in the presence of the alderperson of Amsterdam, Carolien Gehrels, and the president of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Robbert Dijkgraaf. The ceremony took place in the Dutch Pavilion of the Beijing Book Fair, at which the Netherlands is the country of honour.

‘The worldwide interest in Vincent van Gogh as an artist and a person is overwhelming. The desire of a Chinese publisher to make accessible the entire edition of letters, which we published with the Huygens Institute in 2009, to Chinese readers, is a great honour’, Axel Rüger announced. He went on to emphasis that ‘Culture and literature bind people together throughout the world’.

Chinese translation

The six-volume publication of Van Gogh's letters will appear in Chinese in 2013. This Chinese translation will be supervised and published by the Shanghai Fine Arts Publishing House in close cooperation with the Van Gogh Museum, and is made possible with support from the Dutch Foundation for Literature.

Beijing’s book fair

The Netherlands is the country of honour at Beijing’s book fair - one of the fastest growing international book fairs - which runs from 31 August to 4 September. More than 20 Dutch authors and illustrators whose books have been translated into Chinese will give lectures and workshops and engage in discussions with Chinese readers. Special attention is being devoted to children’s books and juvenile literature, Dutch comic strips, the work of diplomat and Sinologist Robert van Gulik, books on Dutch design and architecture, and Vincent van Gogh’s letters. The Van Gogh Museum has prepared a presentation on the life and work of Van Gogh in the Dutch Pavilion highlighting the artist’s writing ability and the research conducted on his letters. The Dutch Pavilion was designed by Ira Koers and Roelof Mulder.

van Gogh's letters
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