Camille's diorama

Can you cut and paste without getting your hands dirty? You sure can! With Camille's diorama, you can make a diorama on your own computer, without scissors or paste. You start by looking at paintings by Vincent van Gogh and finding pieces that you can use. Camille will tell you how. Are you ready for a very special activity?

If you want to show your diorama to other people, Camille will put it in his online Diorama Museum. You can also send the diorama in an e-mail.

Have fun!

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Camille's diorama was made with support from the Annenberg Foundation and is based on an idea by the designers at Mijn naam is Haas.

Who is Camille?
Camille was born in 1877. He was the son of one of Vincent van Gogh's friends. Vincent made at least three paintings of him. You can see one of them at the Van Gogh Museum: Portrait of Camille Roulin.

Camilles diorama museum
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