Van Gogh Museum annual reports

Each year the Van Gogh Museum outlines its policies and activities of the previous period in an annual report.

Annual Report 2013
Our Annual Report 2013 is now online! Here you can consult all the museum’s news and activities from 2013. This was a spectacular and action-packed year for the Van Gogh Museum. After extensive renovations lasting seven months, on 1 May we reopened our doors to our public at our familiar location on Museumplein. The Van Gogh Museum marked this important moment with the grand anniversary exhibition Van Gogh at work. This exhibition, held in the year of the artist’s 160th birthday, also crowned eight years of research into Van Gogh’s studio practice. Equally spectacular was the disclosure a few months later of the discovery of a new painting by Van Gogh, Sunset at Montmajour.

These and other milestones are accompanied by extra information in the form of photos, reviews and the film excerpts. You can use the timeline to swipe from one month to another and single click to find out more about a particular subject. If you’re looking for core information, such as the financial report, you can find this via the menu to the left. You can also download and print these documents.

View our Annual Report 2013 and take a trip back in time to our activities of last year.

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Annual reports previous years

The annual reports of previous years provide a substantive and a financial survey in Dutch, an English summary and highlights and photos of the museum:

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