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Vincent van Gogh. An artist's struggle

Stripboek UKMarc Verhaegen (artist) and Jan Kragt
48 pages
Dutch, English, French
paperback, € 6.95 hardcover, € 14.95
Stichting Eureducation, 2011
ISBN 978 90 816879 1 1 (paperback)
ISBN 978 90 816879 2 8 (hardcover)

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Vincent van Gogh’s short and turbulent life, the subject of so many myths and stories, is vividly presented in this beautifully drawn biography. Follow Van Gogh as he searches for his vocation. Find out what drove him, what obstacles he faced and, most of all, how he became one of the most famous artists of his generation.

Travel with Van Gogh to Brabant, London, the Borinage, Paris and the south of France and share his passion and longing, but also his loneliness and his fear. Let Van Gogh’s brother Theo and his friends and family be your guides as you find out about the exciting and colourful life of this nineteenth-century artist. Sharp-eyed readers will also notice that many famous drawings and paintings have been cleverly incorporated into the story.

Artist Marc Verhaegen and writer Jan Kragt are well-known for their historical graphic novels. Their previous successes include a biography of Michiel de Ruyter and the legend of the Flying Dutchman.

CamilleVincent and Camille

René van Blerk,
Wouter Tulp (illustrations)
Dutch, English, French, German,
hardcover, € 6.50
Van Gogh Museum/ Rubinstein, 2010
ISBN 978 90 79310 17 3

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"Bye Mum! Bye Dad! " Camille says.
"Mister Vincent's asked me to help him with something today."
"What does he want you to do?" Camille's mum aks him.
Camille doesn't know. Mister Vincent hasn't told him yet.
"Well, it'll be a surprise then," Camille's mum says.
"Off you go!"

The little Van Gogh Museum

280 pages, 135 illustrations
Dutch, English, French,
paperback, € 19.90
Van Gogh Museum/ Ludion, 2010
ISBN 978 90 5544 956 9

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Everyone has heard of Vincent van Gogh, the Dutch painter who did not decide to become an artist until he was twenty-seven. Few people appreciated his work while he was alive, but things are very different nowadays. Vincent’s drawings and paintings are admired all over the world because of his extraordinary style and his use of colour.

This original ABC book gives children an engaging way in to the world of Vincent van Gogh. Adults too, will enjoy the light-hearted look at world-famous and lesser-known works from the Van Gogh Museum’s collection, and from other collections.

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