Life Like Symposium: Raw Truth

Van Gogh Museum, Foam and EYE present discussion forum

22 November 2010

Because the naturalistic issues from the late 19th century such as social unrest or the future of youth are still current, Platform Life Like is organising a discussion forum on Friday 26 November, 2010, about naturalism in painting, photography, film and other media; about the fascination with the raw truth, and an ode to the working class hero. The symposium will include science, art (history) and current affairs, and the participating organisations Van Gogh Museum, Foam and Eye Institute will host tours, films and theatre for a whole day and evening.

Net Echt poster

The symposium also shows its virtual side with a webposium, that will host presentations and discussions and be available for comments from Saturday 27 November. The programme of the Life Like Symposium: Raw Truth runs from 10:00 to 17:30, followed by various related activities organised by the Van Gogh Museum, Foam en EYE Film Institute, including the screening of two silent films accompanied by live music.

The symposium programme is divided in a day and an evening line-up.

Day programme Van Gogh Museum, 10:00 to 17:30
The day programme includes a discussion forum in the Van Gogh Museum from 10:00 to 17:30, in which various speakers will share their thoughts on naturalism. The forum will be held in English.


  • Prof. Gabriel Weisberg (guest curator  Illusions of reality exhibition, and expert in the field of 19th century art)
  • Ivo Blom (Cultural Studies at the Free University of Amsterdam (VU), film historian, and expert in the field of silent film)
  • Edwin Becker (Head of Exhibitions Van Gogh Museum and joint initiator of Illusions of reality exhibition with Gabriel Weisberg)
  • Stefano Odoardi (filmmaker and artist. His work includes the film Tunnel Vision which will premiere on 3 December).
  • Joan Fontcuberta (whose exhibition Landscapes without Memory will be presented at Foam from 26 November 2011).
  • Jasper de Beijer (photographer, graphic artist) exhibits his unique interactive installation The Recollector in Galerie 37 Spaarnestad in Haarlem until 19 December.
  • Pamela Roberts (photography expert, author of books including A Century of Colour Photography and Alfred Stieglitz: Camera Work

Moderator: Raymond van den Boogaard (Arts editor at the NRC Handelsblad newspaper).

Register for the discussion forum via

Day programme Foam, 10:00 to 17:30
In connection to the exhibition Joan Fontcuberta - Landscapes without Memory Foam will host an exclusive screening of the film F for Fontcuberta. The museum will also host tours and show the Upload Cinema film Net Echt (Life Like) and a guided tour. The guided tour is available in English and Dutch at 16:00. Please register by e-mailing Marieke van Kemenade:

Day programme EYE, 17:30 to 18:30
Tunnel Vision (2010) by Stefano Odoardi.

Evening programme

  • Foam_fotografiemuseum Amsterdam open until 21:00.
  • Van Gogh Museum open until 22:00: visit for the full programme.
  • EYE Film Institute open until 0:00: at 19:30 and 21:45: LOLA (Brillante Mendoza, PH/FR 2009).

Participating in the discussion forum is free via registration, not including a ticket for the Van Gogh Museum. Tickets for the Van Gogh Museum can be purchased online or at the ticket desk. Free entry for members of ICOM and I amsterdam Card holders.

Combination tickets
Combination tickets for Life Like cost € 20,00, giving one-time access to all three participating museums on one day or over several days. The combination ticket offers a discount of nearly 60% on regular ticket prices. For more information go to

The Life Like Symposium will be registered and placed online from Saturday 27 November as webposium via to give visitors the opportunity to respond to the various presentations and discussions.

Life Like platform
The Life Like Symposium: Raw Truth is part of the Life Like platform, an initiative of Foam_Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam, EYE Film Institute Netherlands and the Van Gogh Museum aimed at putting the spotlight on naturalism as an art movement. From 8 October 2010 until 16 January 2011 the three museums are cooperating to focus on the various facets of this multi-disciplinary movement.

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