Teaching materials

  • Teaching materials for Van Gogh in close-up: teacher’s guide for science classes

    Are you looking for an interesting angle for your physics or technology classes? This teacher’s handbook provides information and assignments that can be used to encourage your students to look at Van Gogh’s work from a technical point of view. The assignments can be combined with a visit to the Van Gogh Museum, but that is not essential.

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  • Teaching materials for Vincent van Gogh: An Artist’s Struggle

    In collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum, Marc Verhagen and Jan Kragt have produced a unique graphic novel: Vincent van Gogh: An Artist’s Struggle. Free teaching materials for ages 11–15 have been developed to accompany the novel in English, Dutch and French.

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  • Teaching manual Van Gogh’s letters. The artist speaks

    Vincent van Gogh was a passionate letter writer. Of the countless letters he wrote to his friends and family more than 800 have been preserved, as well as approximately 80 letters that he received. The correspondence allows us to follow not only the fascinating story of Van Gogh’s tumultuous life, but also his development as an artist.

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  • Teaching manual Illusions of reality

    At the end of the 19th century the work of numerous artists in Europe and America displayed striking similarities. These paintings were faithful representations of the visible world that highlighted contemporary social issues and often relied on photographs to more closely approximate reality. Nowadays these artists are counted as members of a movement called Naturalism. The teaching manual Illusions of reality sheds light on a relatively unknown movement in the history of art.

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