The complete edition of Van Gogh's letters

Vincent van Gogh - The Letters. The complete edition

The most important art publication of 2009, if not of the decade.
The Financial Times: 19 september 2009

This magnificent new edition of the complete Van Gogh letters is a celebration not only of a great artist but of art itself.
The Observer: 18 October 2009

This could be the best autobiography of an artist yet to appear anywhere.
The Economist: 29 October 2009

Lavishly illustrated with every picture mentioned in the letters, by other artists as well as by van Gogh himself, and presented in a robust slipcase, these volumes offer the ideal option for readers who wish to immerse themselves in the artist's visual and imaginative world.
Simiolus, October 2011

Awards Honorable Mention in Its Eleventh Morton N. Cohen Award for a Distinguished Edition of Letters to Leo Jansen, Hans Luijten, and Nienke Bakker, Editors for Vincent van Gogh - The Letters: The Complete Illustrated and Annotated Edition.
127th Annuel Convention 7 January 2012, Seattle, Washington

Book edition Vincent van Gogh - The letters

Leo Jansen, Hans Luijten and Nienke Bakker
2,180 pages, over 4,300 illustrations
Dutch, English,
box with six hardback volumes, slipcased, € 395
Van Gogh Museum/Huygens Institute/Mercatorfonds, 2009
Co-editions: Thames & Hudson (English), Actes Sud (French) and Amsterdam University Press (Dutch)
ISBN 978 90 6153 853 0

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New edition
Since 1994 the Van Gogh Museum and the Huygens Institute (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) have been working on the new edition of the letters of Vincent van Gogh. The complete illustrated edition is published in 6 volumes and contains 819 letters written by Van Gogh and 83 written to Van Gogh by Paul Gauguin, Theo van Gogh, Paul Signac and others.

A wonderful read
A wonderful read, these letters reveal that Vincent van Gogh was not only a great artist but also a gifted writer. As surely and skilfully as he wielded his brush and draughtman's pen, so he found the words to say what most deeply concerned him as a human being and an artist. All the works to which Van Gogh alludes in his letters will be shown for the first time: not only the paintings and drawings on which he himself was working, but also the works of art by others that he wrote about, over 4.300 illustrations in total.

Document humain
The international reputation of Van Gogh's correspondence is based upon its immense value as a document humain and on the enormous wealth of biographical and art historical information it contains. The letters constitute the story of Van Gogh's search for his destiny: of the close bond with his brother Theo, who supported him unconditionally, of his sometimes troubled friendships, his need for recognition and, above all, of his passion for art and literature. The letters are reproduced exactly as Van Gogh wrote them, without textual refinements, re-translations, amendments or excised passages. Supplementary texts add information about his life, the context in which the letters were written, a list of materials discussed in the letters, a chronology of his life and a full index. 

The Van Gogh Letters project received a Grand Prix in the Research category of the European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage 2010 (Europa Nostra Award).

Vincent van Gogh - The Letters won the Apollo Book Award, the Spear's Book Award and the Banister Fletcher Book Award.

Book edition Vincent van Gogh - The letters

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