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Acquisitions of masterpieces, unique exhibitions, a striking presentation of the permanent collection, intensive academic research and well-presented educational programmes all contribute to a dynamic museum environment that inspires about 1.5 million people who visit the Van Gogh Museum each year. These visitor numbers mean the Van Gogh Museum has for years ranked as the Netherlands' most popular museum.

Over the past few years, many companies and private individuals have made generous contributions to preserving the legacy of Vincent van Gogh and his contemporaries for future generations. In the future, too, such contributions will continue to be of great importance to our museum. With your help we can make acquisitions, conduct research into Van Gogh and his contemporaries and present the museum's collection in such a way as to do it optimal justice.

For sponsors, the Van Gogh Museum offers a leading cultural platform for forging relations with (potential) clients and business associates, employees and the general public. By staging a special reception or event in the museum during a major exhibition, you will be able to offer them a unique and unforgettable experience.
Sponsoring or a partnership with the museum allows you to link up with a striking and internationally powerful brand as well as offering possibilities for reaching out to a young and highly educated public.

The Van Gogh Museum welcomes the opportunity of brainstorming with you on how to work on meeting your marketing and communications goals by means of cultural sponsorship. If you'd like more information, please contact Marije van der Pas
Corporate Relations & Partnerships, T +31 (0)20 570 87 69 or send an e-mail to vanderpas@vangoghmuseum.nl.

As a donor you are involved with the museum and become part of a large network of passionate art lovers. Your involvement in the form of donations, legacies and bequests will contribute in a very personal way to the state-of-the-art management and presentation of the legacy bequeathed by Van Gogh and his contemporaries.

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It may be interesting for you to know that as a donor, every single euro that you donate goes directly to the museum. The Van Gogh Museum enjoys charitable status (ANBI-status) which means it is not required to pay inheritance or gift tax on any legacies, bequests or donations it may receive. In addition the museum has also been awarded the CBF seal of approval for good causes. This quality symbol, awarded by the independent umbrella organisation for the charitable sector Central Bureau on Fundraising (CBF) for a period of five years at a time, testifies to the fact that funds are raised in a responsible manner and are deployed prudently. This is monitored by the CBF annually on the basis of five criteria: policy, management, reporting, fundraising and expenditure.

We welcome your donations on account number (Rabobank), made payable to “Van Gogh Museum” stating “Supporter Van Gogh Museum” (IBAN number: NL28RABO 01465 2 2222 and Swiftcode RABO NL2U, Bankcode 3135).

Should you require further information on future exhibitions and events in the museum, then you are kindly requested to send your e-mail address and/or name and address details to fondsenwerving@vangoghmuseum.nl. Should you not wish to be named as a donor on our website, then please also indicate that here.

More information
For more information on partnerships, project sponsoring or donations, please send an email to fondsenwerving@vangoghmuseum.nl or contact:

Lotje van Veersen
Account Manager Fundraising
+31 (0)20 570 52 40

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