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Vincent van Gogh is the best documented artist in the world. Together with the Van Gogh Museum's documentation centre, the museum library forms a major source of information about his life and work. The library has collected everything about Vincent van Gogh ever published, from the earliest articles on his work to the very latest exhibition catalogues and monographs. The books Vincent discussed in his letters can also be found in the library, for Van Gogh's literary sources are an essential aspect of research into the artist.


Centre for research into art from 1800 to 1920
In addition to functioning as a Van Gogh information centre, the library also serves as an important centre for research into art from the period 1800 to 1920. An excellent collection of sources, including a virtually complete series of Paris Salon catalogues, forms the core of the library. Technical works and sample books provide insights into nineteenth-century studio practice, while early monographs, exhibition catalogues and examples of art criticism are vital to researching such issues as how art was received. The nineteenth-century collection of books assembled by Arti et Amicitiae, the Amsterdam society of artists, has also been incorporated into the museum library.

The library possesses a total of more than 35,000 books and articles, and currently subscribes to more than 40 journals and auction catalogues. Every year the library acquires between about 1,000 publications.

The library is located at Museumplein 4. Once the home of architect Jan de Bie Leuveling Tjeenk (1885-1940), this villa is a fine example of ideas developed by American architect Frank Lloyd Wright applied in a Dutch context.

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