Over the years the Van Gogh Museum has acquired various archives. These mainly comprise correspondence.




Edward Buckman Archive
Edward Buckman (1904-1973) was a great admirer of Van Gogh's work. He corresponded with Paul Gachet fils, Ir. V.W. van Gogh and M.E. Tralbaut, and compiled an unpublished Van Gogh bibliography. The Buckman archive was acquired by the Vincent van Gogh Foundation in 1974. It comprises correspondence, publications (incorporated in the library collection) and a sheet of sketches by Vincent van Gogh (F 1654).


Artemis Karagheusian Archive
Artemis Karagheusian (1904-1990), a Van Gogh enthusiast, commissioned a plaque for Van Gogh's house in Paris, at 54 rue Lepic. She also financed the facsimile edition of Van Gogh's letters in French, Letters of Vincent van Gogh 1886-1890: a facsimile edition, V.W. van Gogh (ed.), 2 vols., London/Amsterdam 1977, and published Vincent van Gogh's letters written in French. Differences between the printed versions and the manuscripts in 1984. Her archive, which largely consists of correspondence and the products of her research, was presented to the Van Gogh Museum in 1990. 

Huinck & Scherjon Art Dealers' Archive
This archive, presented by Huink's widow to the Vincent van Gogh Foundation in 1971, comprises correspondence relating to the years 1930-1939.

Written permission from the Van Gogh Museum's head of Collections, Research and Presentation is required to consult the following archives:
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A.M. Hammacher Archive
In 1978 Professor A.M.Hammacher (1897-2002) presented part of his archive to the Van Gogh Museum. In 2002 and 2003 his widow, Mrs R. Hammacher-Van den Brande, bequeathed further archival material to the museum, comprising correspondence, photographs, press cuttings and articles.

Jan Hulsker Archive
The archive of Van Gogh expert Jan Hulsker (1907-2002) was presented to the Van Gogh Museum in 2003. This comprises unpublished 'essays' on the subject of Van Gogh.

M. de Sablonière (pseudonym of M.C. Bicker Caarten-Sigter) Archive
Margrit de Sablonière (1905-1979) published articles on Van Gogh. In 1980 her husband, Mr Bicker Caarten, presented her archive of documents and correspondence to the Van Gogh Museum.

M.E. Tralbaut Archive
This archive was donated to the museum in 1986 and 2002 by Mrs M. Tralbaut (1902-1976). It mainly comprises correspondence.

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