Life and work of Vincent van Gogh

When the Van Gogh Museum acquired the archive of M.E. Tralbaut (1902-1976) in 1969, the foundations had been laid for documenting the life and work of Van Gogh. The museum which now manages a comprehensive and specialised range of documents associated with the artist.



Documentation on exhibitions that have included work by Van Gogh comprises reviews, photocopies of documents connected with these exhibitions, lists of works exhibited (with information on sales if applicable) and sometimes (a photocopy of) the catalogue.

Works of art

There is extensive documentation for every work by Vincent van Gogh, classified by F number (after J.-B. de la Faille, The Works of Vincent van Gogh, Amsterdam 1970), or, if a work does not have a F number, by JH number (after Jan Hulsker, The New Complete Van Gogh, Amsterdam/Philadelphia 1996). Works in the museum's collection without a F or a JH number are classified by inventory number.

There is also documentation for paintings and drawings identified as an original work by Vincent van Gogh, but not included in the 1970 De la Faille catalogue.



Documentation on Van Gogh's life comprises newspaper cuttings, documents and photographs. Documentation connected with the Van Gogh Museum is also accommodated in this section.

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