Zelfportret met vilthoed Zelfportret met vilthoed show enlargment


The last Impressionist exhibition, held in 1886, witnessed the end of one artistic era and the beginning of another. The show included startling new paintings by Georges Seurat and Paul Signac, artists who would form the core of the Neoimpressionist movement. Seurat hoped to substitute a scientific basis for the intuitive color and casual brushwork of the Impressionists. He studied color theory and devised a systematic method of applying tiny dots of pure color to the canvas. These isolated bits of color were meant to blend in the viewer's eye to produce a coherent image. Called "pointillism" or "divisionism," this painstaking technique was much different from the spontaneous Impressionist approach. Van Gogh did not subscribe to Seurat's color theory-"I often think about his method, and yet I don't follow it at all"-but the Neo-Impressionist style helped Vincent find his own distinctive brushstroke of streaks and dashes.

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