Friday Night at the Van Gogh Museum

Every Friday the Van Gogh Museum is open until 10 pm with a packed programme. Did you know that every first Friday of the month the museum organizes a grand event? The other Friday Nights are designed a bit smaller with a DJ, VJ, cocktail bar, free guided tours and the return of one of the acts of the first night.

Friday Night in Van Gogh Museum (Photo: Nina Albada Jelgersma Photography)

April: cool observation versus intense emotion

Félix Vallotton and Vincent van Gogh both lived and painted in the same era, but had totally different characters and were very different painters. Even though they both lived in Paris and got their inspiration from the same things, they were going to end up with totally different styles.

Van Gogh expressed his emotions in bold colours with a powerful brush stroke. In the art of Vallotton, the emotion is much more subtle. There cannot be a bigger contrast between the distant and sometimes heavy atmosphere of Vallotton’s work and the intensity and directness of Van Gogh. The Friday Nights of April are all about these contradictions and the clash in between.

Easy meal

Whether it’s meat, fish, vegetables, pasta or rice that takes your fancy and whether it’s at the beginning or end of your Friday Night, head to the museum café Le Tambourin and order a delicious meal for 12 euros!

25 April

Mevrouw TamaraMevrouw Tamara

8:15–8:45 p.m., central hall

Perhaps you remember Mevrouw Tamara from the TV show De Beste Singer-Songwriter van Nederland (2012, VARA, BNN and 3FM), in which she made it to the finals. Or the album De Supersonische Boem (2013, Excelsior Recordings), on which artists—including Spinvis, Tim Knol, Janne Schra and Eefje de Visser—offered new interpretations of songs by Annie M. G. Schmidt. This evening she will be performing her guitar songs, which are rich in ambiance and whose words are full of things to discover. Other singer-songwriters like Case Mayfield and Kim Janssen have been keen on working with her. Her debut album will be coming out next year. In the meantime you can watch her video clip Maar Nu.

La Corneille

La Corneille9:00–9:30 p.m., central hall
In contrast to the dreamy songs of Mevrouw Tamara, which invite the hearer to listen, La Corneille stakes out the edgy frontiers where indie folk meets raw, psychedelic blues-rock. Singer Guy's intense voice gives the music just the right grittiness, while at the same time lending their numbers a certain vulnerability. In 2012 their sound won them one prize after the other: the Senna Performers Pop NL Award, The Clash of the Titans, the Utrechtse Pop Awards and inclusion in the Popronde festival. After a well-received untitled EP and performances in 2012 at Le Guess Who, Festival De Beschaving and Bevrijdingsfestival Utrecht, their debut album will be coming out this year. You can check out their video clip The Light Brigade.

Guided Tours

7 p.m. English, 8 p.m. Dutch. Maximum 15 participants, start and registration at the information desk
Let gems among Van Gogh's and Vallotton's work surprise and inspire you on this interactive guided tour.

VJ Noralie and VJ Bikkel

Starts at 6:30 p.m., Vide
This brand-new dream team, consisting of VJ Noralie and VJ Bikkel, has just graduated from the VJ Academy and is ready to conquer the world with their amazing video imagery and interactive video installations. They have already shown their skills at various 90s parties, from the Amsterdam underground scene to major festivals like Wish Outdoor, but that doesn't keep them from taking part in a hilarious performance with the singer Rinus, as well.

DJ Dirkson

Starts 6:30 p.m., central hall
This music collector, experienced radio pirate and musician stimulates your imagination with his contemporary and classical vibes.

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