A nice morning at Museumplein _ Oskar Callejo
Valladolid _ Spain
Family and Friends in Amsterdam

Best theme photo
Jury: Edwin Becker, head curator of exhibitions, Van Gogh Museum
Prize: Catalogue of the exhibition Snapshot. Painters and photography, 1888-1915 and an IAmsterdam City Card for three days

Edwin Becker: "This photograph gives a surprising and intimate portrayal of the theme: we see a sunny morning with children playing on the banks of the pond at Museumplein in Amsterdam. The composition is particularly effective: an almost empty area showing only the ripples of the water, while the children appear in a narrow band on the left side of the photograph, next to an adult who has been half cropped out of the image. This goes together well with the photographs of playing children included in the exhibition Snapshot, such as those by Maurice Denis, which show a similarly refined composition. Yet despite the sophisticated composition, the photograph retains its snapshot-like spontaneity."


The contest is finished!

The exhibition Snapshot. Painters and photography, 1888-1915  in the Van Gogh Museum shows snapshots of painters, who experimented with photography towards the end of the 19th century. They took thousands of snapshots, at home or in the city. And now, in the early 21st century, we're still clicking away.

In the past three months people from all over the world joined this contest. Every month was in another theme from the exhibition with the emphasis on Amsterdam:

  • October: Family and friends in Amsterdam
  • November: City life in Amsterdam
  • December: Posing in Amsterdam


Patricia Steur

Three winners were selected every month.

Best snapshot
Jury: Patrica Steur, photographer
Prize: Canon camera

Best theme photo
Jury: Edwin Becker, head curator of exhibitions at the Van Gogh Museum
Prize: I Amsterdam City Card for 3 days and the catalogue of the exhibition

Public award
Jury: All the likes of the visitors of this website
Prize: An annual subscription to Gup Magazine and the catalogue of the exhibition

By submitting a photo to the Snapshot contest people agreed with these terms of use.



Congratulations to you all!

Family and friends in Amsterdam

City life in Amsterdam

Posing in Amsterdam